The one beautiful Tanzanian young girl named Neema, she was impregnated in her 15th birthday while she was a school girl. A year letter she was married (A child marriage). In her 17th birthday she was supposed to join her fellow students on their ordinary level secondary education final examination but she couldn’t because she was disqualified.

During that time she realized that, she is not the student any more - steering at her friends when they are going to school in the morning, while she hold the empty pot going to fetch water at river Tarakea for preparation of tea and washing the dishes.

She found herself quietly in the evening steering at her fellow students in their school uniform on their way back home happily, after they have done with their final examination while she holds her child. As she steered at them, a lot of thought come into her mind…

“I have not done my final secondary education examination, I’m not a student any more, I miss to wear the school uniform, I’m young and mother, oooh poor me, what I have done, I feel ashamed, what can I do, where can I hide my face, I’m not happy, I have missed to study and play with my fellow students in our school, I wish I was there with them…”

As the thought went into her mind, she found herself full of tears on her face, and some of them have dropped to her young child…..then she decided to hide herself as her friends were coming closer to her and she didn’t want to be seen by them. She felt ashamed, she is not happy; she doesn’t want to meet with them. She steered at them secretly till they have disappeared on her eyes while she was crying silently and her eyes filled with tears…!!

Beda Tarimo who is raised at Nanjara Village, when he was back to the village during his University holiday;  he was empathically and aware of what Neema was going through as she was impregnated while she was a young girl with 15 years old. As he is passionate about social changes, he did research about child marriages and adolescent pregnancy and found out how big that problem is.

When he was about to find a job or volunteering opportunity to an organization which solve such kind of problems, he ended up taking the free online courses about civil societies organization provided by Philanthropy University by 2015. From there he become inspired and decided to launch an organization which deals with eradications of adolescent pregnancy and child marriages. On 2017, he officially succeeded to register Unique Development for Future Organization (UDF). The non government organization solely deals with advocating the eradication of child marriages and adolescent pregnancy in Tanzania Mainland.

Beda and his team believe that; all human are equal but unique. All young teenager girls are born with unique gift within them as all other human being, but adolescent pregnancy and child marriages will limit the young girls to nurture their unique gift, it will limit them to become their greatest version of themselves.

A Child marriage violates girl’s rights to health, education and opportunity. It exposes girls to violence throughout their lives, and traps them in the circle of ill-health and poverty. The child marriages and adolescent pregnancy should be eradicated to provide the room for the young girls to nurture their unique gift for the future development (Unique Development for Future)

Join us to eradicate child marriages and adolescent pregnancy in Tanzania. Together we can stop the child marriages; and the teenager girls will become the greatest version of themselves by help their community and the world in the future. Yes we can!