A world without child marriages where teenager and youth become the greatest version of themselves.


To educate teenager, youth and community about consequence of child marriage; how to avoid child marriages and empower teenager and youth to become the greatest version of themselves.


Our Core Values are;

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Forward thinking
  • Teamwork


The one beautiful Tanzanian young girl named Neema, (not the real name) was impregnated in her 15th birthday while she was still a young school girl. A year letter she was married (A child marriage). In her 17th birthday she was supposed to join her fellow students on their ordinary level secondary education final examination unfortunately she couldn’t because she was already disqualified.

During that time, she realized that, she was not a student any more - steering at her friends when they are going to school in the morning, while she holds the empty pot going to fetch water at river ready for her home chores as she was a mother and a wife already.

More often Neema found herself every evening quietly steering her fellow students in their school uniforms on their way back home happily, while she holds her child. As she steered at them, a lot of thought come into her mind, questions and regrets, sorrow and envy.

“I have not done my final secondary education examination, I’m not a student any more, I miss to wear the school uniform, I’m young and mother, oooh poor me, what I have done, I feel ashamed, what can I do, where can I hide my face, I’m not happy, I have missed to study and play with my fellow students, I have missed my school, I wish I was there with them…”


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